I came across a very interesting video clip about average-ness in education. There’s this one professor that said he has scanned more than enough people’s brain to be able to conclude that there’s no such thing as an average person. But the sad thing is, our education, mass product was made with the assumption that an average person is exist. Everyone is different. It’s true. Literally.

Bear into mind the unique-ness of every person, there’s 3 principle that will help us to learn better and also to educate ourselves better:

1. Mastery learning; kids/adults/every human being learn something at their own pace and keep going from that starting point to the mastery level. Fast or slow is not relevant to a learning process; fast is not equal to smart, and slow is not equal with dumb. There is no one “correct” way to educate ourselves.

2. Deep flexibility; no kids/adults/ everyone should learn something with the same way, at the same age. If you, in your late thirties, somehow wants to learn about science and nature, please… Just do it. Learning is free. I recommend online courses like Coursera or future learning.

3. Divergent outcomes; we need to broaden our concept of success. Who has the right to define what success look like? Everyone has different concept of success, we all should set a valid definition for ourselves then ask the success question on daily basis; how successful I am today? It’s not okay.. sorry.. it’s an understatement, it is really dangerous to have a one size fit all concept of success.

Cheers, keep on learning, stay curious. 
Karin Sabrina

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