You're Not Everyone's Cup of Tea - Tiny Buddha
Good Thoughts

It’s a typical unpleasant day at the office. And from the quotes I posted above… you might guess it right. I had an encounter with one who’s not my “kind of person”.
I am a translator, and I feel that I have done a great job for her, but the response that I got was ” what took you so long?”.

Yup, I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly okay. I need not be liked by everyone. I too don’t like to be forced to like everyone I met. The question for me today is … What should I do when things like this happens. What exactly should I do to calm my self down from such unpleasant moment. The quote above said that I should politely wave and move away, I am trying to figure out how am I going to do this “wave and move away” in specific steps.

  • I’m looking for a quote that lighten the mood. ✅
  • I should have a hot cup of black tea.
  • I blocked that annoying person (up to unknown time). It’s Friday and my working time has passed 3 hours ago. I am a grown ass woman, of course I can block any person as I wish. ✅
  • I write my thoughts. Writings clears up my mind. ✅
  • I cuddle with my husband.
  • Chocolate will help.
  • I skip my treadmill this afternoon, I’m to upset to sweat, and that’s okay. ✅

Hmmm… I already feel much better.. ☺️☺️. So henceforth, those are the things that I would do to gracefully (not necessarily politely) ‘wave and move away’ from unpleasant similar situations.


Karin Sabrina

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