I admire Gwen Stefani since I was 12 years old 😃. She looks “different” from other pop stars in that 90ies era… She announced that she would never go under the knife to make her boobs bigger. Probably that’s the assurance that I need to hear at that time since I also have a tall slender figure, not curvy in any way and it was quite embarrassing for me. ( I was slender when I was 12 fellas… but not now.. 😔 sigh!)

I’ll be 40 this September, and Gwen Stefani will be 52 this October. She looks amazing! I know … Of course she looks amazing! She could afford it. And if I ever wanted to look half amazing as she is… I guess I can too.. in my daydreaming session, this afternoon, after lunch and before I’m going to go to do grocery shopping with my husband. Hahahaha…😁

Several days ago, I saw an interview where she was asked about how she maintains her slender figure while she had never identified herself with a strict diet. She said.. ow… My only rule is moderation in everything. Yes, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but I also don’t deny a big slice of pizza 😁. One thing that keeping me from munching everything that I want is the sadness and heartache when I can’t fit into the clothes I want because of my weight.

Me: that’s it. Again … Gwen Stefani provides me a piece of great advice related to maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. Nothing upsets me more than the time I can’t fit into my “used to be” comfy but fit clothes. I feel less confident and I don’t like my overall look when my weight is not in a friendly state.

Moderation in everything. Get your workout plan becomes a routine. I can do this.


Karin Sabrina.

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