I am not really good in waiting. I get bored, I feel iritated, and I’m trying to find a way so in the future time I don’t have to wait.

But as always with life, it teaches us the lesson we always need the most. Since I have not passed this ‘waiting’ lesson properly, from time to time I must deal with the ‘waiting’ test. I must wait for my legal matter to settle, even though I’ve been going through such a lengthy process for several years, but still I must wait some more. I also must wait 10 years before I continue my Master degree. I must wait a couple of years to the arrival of my only son to this world. I must wait about 10 years to find out that my assumption toward one particular person was fatally wrong. I must wait for… Hey I can go on like this on and on. May reader, your time is way too precious, so I’ll cut it short.

The message is clear, everything will unfold in its own time. I can’t force anything to move faster or slower than it should. I can’t change the arrival of myriad of things in my life, but I can change my attitude in the waiting process.

I can do and I should do other things that are more useful and enhance my happiness in the long run, than just wait and then feel upset because the wait seems endless. The wait will soon be over, the things that are for you will be yours, in the right time, in the good way.


Love, RirinKoko

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