The closest one with you is the one who breaks your heart dearly. The one who we care so much, will be the one who ignores us the most. True.. I am talking about my daughter. The eldest, in her teen years, you know what I mean..

True… I wish I could just treat her just the way I treat everyone who has disappointed me, who broke my heart into pieces, and those alike… I usually blocked these creatures ( for the last few years, I even refrain my self from almost all social media, and peeps, truly, it works, I feel good most of the time), in short, I just simply avoid every possible encounter with them.

But with a daughter? nope, can’t do, I must stay under the same roof with her, I still have to feed her, I still have to take care of her, I still have to pay for her school fee etc… as if .. nothing has happened.

Hhh…these young blood are painfully amazing creatures. They make regular turbulence in their parent’s mind and soul, and yet they act as if it is they who suffer the most.

Parenting books? ha..ha..ha.. don’t get me started with that. those theories are just not everyone… But I do remember a phrase from a parenting book which I bought almost a decade ago… the cover is in orange color, not quite remember who wrote it.. but it says: Being a parent is not for wimps. true, so true.

May the force be with you ( I said to my self for the hundredth times)

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