True, not every morning looks like that.. but the most important thing is not the weather but the morning itself. It comes. Always do. Very reliable ( I live in the last piece of Paradise on Earth, Indonesia, tropical country, we have sun all year round and we have two seasons, rainy and sunny season, so yes… every morning, the sun comes).

True, not every morning, we feel bright and sunny even though the sun is dressing at his best ( The French said the sun is masculine, that’s why I use “his”), but the most important thing is, we feel… and that’s what makes life is so colorful.. the myriad of feelings we have in the course of life.

And it is blaring obvious, not every morning we will wake up in a regal serenity, but the most important thing is we wake up. We still have another once in a lifetime chance to be a good person, to fix what we have broken in the past time, promises, vows. things, friendship and so on.

Some mornings we overwhelmed with inspirations, gratitude, and joy for everything and everyone surrounding us, some mornings well …everything sucks and slightly better than sucks. But the most important thing is we are given more time to be here, to take good care and to love those who are important for us.

Sometimes ago I plan to meditate when I wake up. Giving 10 minutes to my self before starting the day. But up until this morning, I fail to do so, the sleepiness, laziness, and miscellaneous things just hinder the meditation plan. So Plan B. I am going to meditate before I go to sleep tonight. I think, 10 minutes before bedtime at night will create more comfort and relax zone for me.

If you have any good plan, a small change in daily routine to shape yourself to be a better person, and still fail to do so accordingly, it’s okay, you are definitely not alone. The most important thing is not the failure, but the change itself, no matter how small, if you do a good small kindness to your self, I believe, it will add up to be a huge kindness in a long term.

cheers 🙂

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