I wonder, when my time has arrived, how will it be? 
A slow painful departure
or a swift ride away, preferably in my sleep?
Will I be alone or will there be one, two, three favorite humans at my bedside?
Can I have my version of "last supper" or will I be asked to fast on my final days since my digestion has some serious complications?
How will I look when I move away? Will I have that thin unreadable smile like Monalisa as I lay motionless, or will I frown deeply?

I never know the answer, no one ever knows, but I, sincerely hope that when my time has come, I'll leave gracefully, I hope I will not become a burden to my favorite humans, amen.

Memento Mori,

Karin Sabrina

One thought on “Leave

  1. I think we are all afraid of the unknown.
    Especially when it comes to death.
    And I agree with you, the ‘most tragic’ way to leave this world is to be someone’s burden until the very last breath.

    Brilliant post! 🙌

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