Lagom (2)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully in a comfortable place, surrounded by my favorite humans, a lot of TBR books on the shelves, debt-clean, have a robust pension fund, as healthy as a marathon runner who could do 21 KM under 3 hours time, and there will be plenty stock of black and green fragrant tea in the cupboard.

Well that’s kinda short 😅😅, I’m trying hard to make it a little bit longer but I can’t forget where I was 9 years ago… A depressed wife, with three kids at hand, facing an abusive household, unemployed, and still has a distorted chronic illusion about a happy life.

I know now that what I really want in life is captured beautifully in the word “lagom” meaning “just enough”; not too much, not less than needed, just right.

May we all be at peace with our past, able to enjoy the present and cease to worry about the future, 

Karin Sabrina

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