I went to a yoga class yesterday, it was an hour long and I enjoyed fully the first 10 minutes. The warming up session was nice (that was the enjoyable 10 minutes) and then after 10 minutes the majority of the people in the class start to do those weird-near- impossible-to-copy positions. They bend their bodies, put their feet up in the air, conduct a head stand, a plank followed by a push-up and repeat. I was stupefied.

That was clearly not a class for me. And I feel upset, why on earth no one inform me about that? No one said that this yoga-mix class is not destined for a beginner. And I also didn’t get the “vibes” in that class; I was expecting the calmness, the peacefulness, even if I couldn’t melt into such such positions but I am sure there must be an option, a beginner position option for me; and my expectations were shattered.

I know a yoga teacher who once said to me that ” as long as you could breath, then you could do Yoga”, but my experience yesterday was far from simplicity, breathing and calmness. It’s dreadful.

But the experience will not deter me from this”Gym” journey. I’ll take another classes, I’ll learn to use gym machines.


Karin Sabrina

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