Today, I was reminded that life is so fragile, beautiful but fragile, out of the blue, it may shatter in a matter of seconds. Today, my schedule was to go to the gym and afterwards I’ll do a quick grocery shopping. But nope, it didn’t happen at all.

Today, my tooth aches, and it hurts; it really is. The pain is stinging but not with the same intensity from time to time. In the morning it hurts a bit, but the pain grows stronger in the noon, at 3.00 PM, the pain seems to decrease, but then at 4.00 PM the pain grows intense again. So I went to the dentist after work. The problematic tooth got treatment and I got the bills, around $200, ouch! The pain!

To whoever said that the most certain thing in life is the uncertainty, I salute you, you are so right.

Cheers for life,

Karin Sabrina

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