The crack

I learn to live my life fully and make peace with the colorfulness of this life; I am aware that the term “colorfulness” means that there are days when I have to face the most unappealing color/ creature on earth, such as a person who carries nothing but hatred and jealousy in his heart.

I do wonder actually, how these creatures wake up in the morning? Do they train so hard first thing in the morning, so they can carry that massive amount of hatred everywhere they go? how do they choose what to eat every morning as breakfast? Do they have a very strict diet consist of fat and protein, so they could preserve the burdening hatred and jealousy in their heart forever?

The way of living of not moving forward and insist to stay on one particular event in life and keep blaming everyone else seems like their favorite way of living.

Yes, our encounter with these creatures surely has a deep grave impact on ourselves, some wounds heal faster, some other will easily bleed for the slightest nudge. The scars will definitely remain.

No need to conceal the scars, wear it with pride instead, and please don’t regret the bitter experience. The tears, the hurt, the scars are our eternal reminder to grow bigger than our feelings, our thoughts, our past and hopefully becoming our better selves.

Sorry not sorry to close the door for these sad pathetic creatures that once upon a time existed in my life. I have said Bye, Adieu, many times. Wait, shouldn’t I forgive him? Well, there are some things only God can forgive.

If somehow, these creatures manage to find a crack in the closed door and then try to convey his nonsense yet poisonous chattering, shut down the crack immediately. It’s an act of self-love to shield ourselves, we already reach a point when we love our life, and we should tend carefully to this serene peaceful life of us.

Cheers, May you be healed, May you be strong, may you be at peace..

Karin Sabrina

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