I have spent half day to tidy up my financial records. I used an app called YNAB to do budget and ideally I keep in touch with the budget daily, but.. as usual, life is far from ideal, and my life is no different. For the last five weeks, I was so busy with work and I fail to keep up with the Kardashians… No… The budget 😁.

So today is my budgeting day, and needless to say, after everything is neat and orderly, I can see clearly how much really is my money, and how fast my debt grows 😅😅😅, it’s much much bigger than I used remember it!! Considering the gap, yes I am broke and I am not ashamed to admit it. It’s a good broke anyway… I have broke many many times because I lacked of understanding on how to manage the money, but today I’m broke because I want so bad to release our family from debt, and any surplus money goes right into the debt.

It’s still a long way and I am sure it will be a rough journey, but I am sure at the end of this paying-the-whole-debt journey, I will be so 😌 calm and relieved because the heavy burden has been gone.

Cheers, and keep on moving forward.

Karin Sabrina

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