No matter how great the efforts, some things take times; and it may be a very long time

A day ago, I’ve found out that a legal process that I’ve been waiting for so long to be settled and done, is still need time. The disappointment I felt was so much, I feel numb.

I’ve done everything that I could, but the results are still too far to be seen. I know that waiting is the only option that I have, but knowing is not equal with accepting. I know great things take times, but again, there’s a deep anger within because I know that this whole lengthy process is should not exist in the first place. But here I am now, in my waiting line.

I know I’ve been blessed with lots of other things, but I really wish this legal process can be settled. I’m so done with everything related to that matter and I’m fed up.

Today is not a cheerful day, but that’s life. This cloudy day is the one that makes me appreciate the sun shiny day.

Karin Sabrina

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