Circa 1993 (?)

I’ve just cleaned up the storage room, and I found this. Foto saat Saya baru angkat sidi. The moment I saw it, I just entered a really different time, a different world.

All of us (27 teenagers) did not know what the future holds for us. We were so eager to be grown ups. To be in charge of our own life, not realized that we were in our easiest period in life.

We lived in a neat employee housing complex, a tidy asphalt road, my home was even located in front of medium size library where I would read lots of books for free. Our biggest responsibility back then was to go to school and get good grades. That’s all.

I’ve lost contact with most of the person in the photo. But I know some of them have a rough life. One boy in the photo has passed away while still so young.

Time indeed flies away… Savor everything with grace…


Karin Sabrina.

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