A definition of “challenging book”

Some books are actually hard to digest, no matter how hard you try to stick to keep reading it, because reading a difficult book makes you…or me… feel somewhat different from other common human fellow.

In the time of uncertainties, I choose the book THINKING, FAST AND SLOW by DANIEL KAHNEMAN. At the back of the book, a very accurate ‘how to use the book’ is provided ; ‘Buy it fast. Read it slowly. It will change the way you think.’ Richard Thaler, author of Nudge. I did buy it fast, I read it as slow as possible, and even at the pace of snail reading I still find it hard to digest. You see… the word salient, dissonance, cognitive, attributive.. and other words I can’t even remember how to spell it correctly, made me feel a very stupid incompetent and helpless reader. A twenty years plus reading muscles seems weaken helplessly in front of this book.

A very distinctive features of this book is the fonts. It’s hilariously small and not really easy to be read. According to Mr. Kahneman, bad fonts made our brain works harder, we become more focus and actually read better. I couldn’t argue with a Nobel prize winner of course.. but I do feel my head aching way too much.. perhaps because my poor brain just not accustomed with this hardcore thinking work.

In conclusions, I am going to take a break from this book, I need more background knowledge before I could digest a fraction of this book. I’ll be back to you soon Mr. Kahneman, or not too soon.



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