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Another beginning, another hope..

It’s a new year everyone, it’s not extravagant nor perfect.. but it a walking reminder that time keeps moving, no matter what. My 2018 was ended with a taste of bittersweet. My 2019 started with a taste of anger.

What to do to cool our anger?

  • Count backward from 10 (or 50 or 75.. try everything!)
  • force your self to leave the dispute (or if you must stay, close your eyes and imagine you’re in your favorite place on earth)
  • Breath slowly and consciously (try calm app through android or apple.. it works wonder to me :))
  • Say and believe it: THIS TOO SHALL PASS
  • Pretend everyone on this planet are here to teach you something
  • smell something nice and fresh to soothe your mind.

So, shall those strategies work? well… hope so… you are welcome to add any tested, tried and true methods to calm anger 🙂

Happy New Year .. Stay Calm and Happy Through Out the Year

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